Career Development Plan

Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food store that operates three franchises in California. The firm was founded in 1998 by Kathy Kudler with the opening of the La Jolla store. The other two locations are in Del Mar and Encinitas. The company offers a great variety of products including bakery, meat &amp. seafood, produce, cheese &amp. dairy, and wines. The reasonable pricing and quality of products are part of its formula for success. As the company has grown there are now greater needs for human resources. The evaluation of the needs of the company concluded the organization needs to recruit five new employees including a manager.
A human resource practice that can help companies optimize the performance of its staff is job analysis. Job analysis can be defined as a procedure used to collect and classify information about tasks the organization needs complete (Schermerhorn &amp. Hunt &amp. Osborn, 2003, p.129). Job analysis helps managers and recruiters determine the skills and capabilities the company seeks in its employees. Such information is instrumental in the selection process. The HR department at Kudler’s needs five employees divided into two categories. One position is for a manager, while the other four positions are for floor employees. After the use of job analysis, the managers must develop two separate job descriptions. The table below shows a list of things that can be included in each of the two types of job descriptions.
Training and development programs can help employees acquire new skills and capabilities that can be used by the workers to achieve a higher level of performance. Since Kudler Fine Foods operates in a unique food market providing better service than a typical food market can help the company differentiate itself. All the company employees must undergo customer service when they get hired. Every employee is required to complete a ten-hour online customer service training every year. The delivery method used to complete the training is an online mechanism. There is economic incentive in place that pays the employees twice their hourly rate for the ten hours spend during the training once it is completed.&nbsp.&nbsp.