Capstone Business Project

Interactive webinars and workshops would be invaluable. Thirdly, business networking would see the company targeting at least 25 percent of the market share. Furthermore, branding the company would turn the fortunes. Fourthly, through a strong recruiting process, the company aims at tapping experience marketing professional to add to the talent pool for the steady growth of the company. Finally, the company aims at quality sales through defining the target market.
To achieve these objectives, the company would draft a strategic plan. Understanding the market and potential opportunities would be analyzed using the SWOT analysis—S (strength), W (weakness), O (opportunities), T (threats). Besides, the goal-setting theory is invaluable. It defines the outcomes of a project through goals, effort, persistence, and cognition. Additionally, the company would invest in human resource strategy through having the right people in place, the right conglomeration of skills, right attitude and behavior by the employees and developing employees in the most productive way. Nonetheless, capital is an important factor in the success of any business. As Walker and Brown (2004) observe, through proper financial planning, financial lifestyle can be used to assess success of a business.
Walker, E., &amp. Brown, A. (2004 ). What Success Factors are Important to Small Business Owners? International Small Business Journal, 22 (6). 577-594. DOI: 10.1177/0266242604047411.