Can someone can help me please with this ( Grammar also and proofreading)Opportunity cost The


Can someone can help me please with this. ( Grammar also and proofreading)

Opportunity cost.


opportunity cost is the only choice that a business, an owner, or a firm have to make by giving up the others. For example, if you like Adriana Pappel dresses and someone send you an Anne Klein dress that cost $ 150 as a gift and you really like to wear that beautiful and well cut Adriana dress that just come out and tit costs $ 200 . Then if you prefer to buy that dress the $50 is your opportunity cost is $ 20. It is more about choices than money and resources. The choice that you made prevents you from taking advantage from the others.

Beside the choice, you can have a lot of money, time and expertise, but you won’t have the opportunity to take advantage on what come along with, The fact is because you are limited. The only one choice that you have can keeping you from knowing if the others choices are better than your only one and what if they could bring you more than this one and you realize that your unknowing choices are your opportunity cost.