Can marx help us understand society today

However, the increasing inequality in the world shows that the application of some of his ideas could improve the modern society.
Karl Marx developed a theory of society. His theory explained how society works (Jeffries, 2012). In addition, he focused on the nature of capitalism. As a result, his theoretical frameworks are important tools for evaluating the modern society. However, he regarded Capitalism as being extremely unsatisfactory. In addition, he was so concerned with getting rid of it that he advocated its violent overthrow and replacement with Communism (Jeffries, 2012). Consequently, most people would be wary about the application of his theories to a modern society that has seen the negative effects of Communism, the impact of capitalism and the importance of protecting democracy. Consequently, it is important to note that his ideas contribute towards understanding the modern society without endorsing an application of his radical ideas. &nbsp.
Marx postulated that the economic situation in a society plays a significant role in shaping all other aspects. The form of production determines the social institutions and ideas that the society adopts. In addition, it determines its laws, morality and education system. For example, the wealthy people in a society are bound to have Conservative ideas while the working class is more likely to embrace the ideals of the Labor Party. Similarly, the young people who have nothing at stake in the current political system and hold a more idealistic view of life may be more willing to embrace the ideals of the Liberal Party. &nbsp.
Marx demonstrated that there were four types of societies. He used the means of production to arrive at the four distinct societies. They include, the primitive, slave, feudal and capitalist societies. The modern society is mostly capitalist in nature. A few capitalists own and control the productive resources in the world. In contrast, the workers only own their labor and have to work for