Branding in Social Media

Stride gum argued from the point of view that a significant part of internet users was the millennial generation. the target group. By sponsoring Matt Harding on his world trip, the brand image would reach the target group just by watching the video.
In addition, Stride gum acknowledged that marketing information ought to be appealing to prospective consumers. By sponsoring Matt, the information about Stride gum proved to be in line with the environment that the video depicted. Stride gum created a business environment through the jovial feelings that were established by the video.
Return on Investment
Sponsoring Matt on his world trip was a significant investment for the company that ought to bring sufficient returns to the company. Among the main things that Stride expected to achieve was a large customer base. In the business world, a large customer base reflects high profits. In addition, the company expected its productivity to increase, hence increasing business performance. Stride gum’s case is a sufficient proof that social media is a valid platform for strengthening the brand image.
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