Book for answers Outliers The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell1)

Explain, using evidence


Book for answers: Outliers The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

1) Explain, using evidence

from Outliers, how you might be considered an outlier. (5 points)

2) Explain how cuural differences affect the likelihood of a plane crash in terms of language (deep vs. surface structure), power-distance, independent vs. interdependent cuures, and ambiguity aversion (uncertainty avoidance). (5 points)

3) Describe how different conceptions of intelligence (Cattellâs fluid vs. crystallized intelligence, Dweckâstheories of intelligence, Gardnerâs intelligences), explain the differences between geniuses who succeed and those who donât. Use specific example from Outliers to support your points. (5 points)

4) Using social psychology concepts (e.g. attributions, stereotyping, discrimination, conformity, obedience, or others) to explain why Joe Flom succeeded. (5 points)

5) Using the ideas of socialization and sociohistorical time, explain why some people (e.g. Northerners vs. Southerners, rice farmers) are different than others. Now use those ideas to explain the likelihood of your success. Provide specific examples from the book to support your points. (5 points)

Running Head: THE STORY OF SUCCESS The Story Of Success
1. One might be considered an outlier if one invariably becomes a beneficiary of
Social Science