Black Boy by Richard Wright

51250 Richard became such a person, difficult to be handled by anyone. Richard’s Uncles and Aunts had put their best efforts to raise him. The time came they had to put Richard into an Orphanage for his betterment. But all of them failed. The men of the house Richard lived in were totally irresponsible regarding their tasks, and the women were violent enough. Being nourished in such an environment, Richard had to absorb the surroundings. Such stiff enforced environment transformed Richard into an irritating and annoying person. At age the age of six, Richard became addicted to alcohol. As a fact of all this soon he began to disbelief God, by missing going to the Church. He stopped spending playtime with the children of his age, by preferring reading. Time passed by and Richard was turning into a grown-up and wise person. At the age of eleven, Richard stood up on his own feet. He was in sixth grade at that time, when he started working for white people to earn money. While working for white people, Richard found out the true meaning and difference of being black or white. It was the time when Richard first began to smell racism. His observation made him sense that something is totally wrong with the people of this world, that’s why racism dilemma has come into existence. Soon Richard made up his mind to move up to the north, where racism yet hasn’t conquered the minds of the people. In one aspect Richard found himself insecure and uncomfortable, surrounded by the whites and other black people.&nbsp.Richard has spent his whole life under poverty, sufferings, and racism. The only little amount of happiness made its way towards him.