Bicultural Socialization

1250 Regardless of the reach and scope of globalization, bicultural socialization is ultimately a process that is only indicative of a small percentage of individuals within certain communities. As such, these individuals oftentimes feel as outliers and do not feel as if they can identify, or be identified with, by mainstream society. Yet, this particular impediment is mainly concentric upon the point of view of the bicultural individual. In terms of the point of view of society towards individuals that are bicultural and the overall means by which they can be socialized, it is also true that varying degrees of racism, xenophobia, and other types of superiority complexes discourage bicultural socialization. Naturally, this is currently taking place to a decreased level and degree. at least as compared to the rate at which it was taking place in years previously. Nevertheless, these are the main impediments that are currently facing individuals that are bicultural and attempt to achieve a degree of socialization within their respective spheres.&nbsp.