Best Jet airline Financials

Assumptions on sales The details involved in the cash flow have made several assumptions in various areas with major area being the sales area. From the cash budget analysis this proposed airline has the potential to achieve very high profits in the venture on yearly basis and that there is an indication of the market strength and the plan will be effective. The cost items that are covered in the analysis and the salary and cost items produced are not lavish. The target group being the university and college students in Birmingham across all the fifteen learning institutes it’s assumed that the population of the students will be comfortable to fly with the airline owing the attractive packages. The enticing packages will give the student representatives motivation to ensure that the mini holidays on are weekends to ensure high revenue collection. It’s assumed that the cost of the flights will not deter the students from using the airline. It’s assumed that the association with British airways will rebrand the airline and attract more of the students who are used to the British Airways. The services offered will be enough to sustain a stream of students and that the studenst will travel on consistent terms to ensure high returns.
The deals all over Europe will lure the students to ensure that they can travel to areas they have not travelled increasing the number of travelling individuals and higher revenue. The offer of the airline to give students jobs will increase the sales volume since the students will sell the products among themselves. These incentives will attract more students to come and use the airline hence higher returns