Background of World Trade Organization

A meeting is held between the members of the World Trade Organization once in every two years. It has a general council which makes sure that the conference’s decisions are being implemented to its fullest. The headquarters of the World Trade Organization is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Wallach, (2004, pp. 69-87)
The World Trade Organization has been working on a Doha Development Agenda&nbsp.also known as the Doha Round. This negotiation started in 2001 which is being done in order to treat poorer countries in an equitable manner and not to give undue benefit to richer countries. However, a World Trade Organization has not been able to reach on to a decision as because there are countries which have a different opinion on the matter. There is a disagreement between exporters of the agricultural commodities and countries which have a large number of farmers so as to protect the farmers from surges in imports.
Maintaining peace is the top priority of the World Trade Organization. World Trade Organization makes sure that the trade between the countries takes place smoothly and there are healthy and professional relationships being created in the process. As far as free trade and sales are concerned, the World Trade Organization plays the role of a middleman between the countries responsible for building confidence in the concept of free trade. Had there been a dispute, both sides would lose. It helps countries reach a consensus in their decisions after negotiations. Bossche, (2008)
When two superpowers are trying to have a consensus although they are not on the same wavelength, then disputes arise. World Trade Organization helps to solve disputes like these in a constructive manner. The World Trade Organization has a set of rules which the countries are bound to follow in order to avoid these disputes.

It is said that the weaker counties try to enjoy more bargaining power as they are the deprived ones among the other countries. however, the World Trade Organization brings them all on the same page applying the same set of rules to all countries.&nbsp.