Aviation Career as Airport Manager

The position requires industry insight and leadership skills in order to succeed in every scope. This is the position of learning to fly and training as well as where I will receive college credit for my experience. While experienced pilots earn up to $250,000, regional airlines pay its beginner pilots from $60,000 to around $80,000 depending on their experience.

The starting point shall be an aviation faculty, and climb my way up through dispatcher position, student pilot, and air traffic controller and end up piloting in Manchester airport. Air traffic controller’s earnings range from $37,000 to $132,000 per 12 months (Grewe 3421–3433) depending on experience. My greatest weakness is a tendency to tardiness, but once I started setting the alarm at about 30 minutes earlier, and setting the phone to remind me of appointments, I have not been late once within the last five months. My strengths include talent, knowledge, power, experience, and willingness to perform.