Article Review on Advertising

The article exemplified the continuing struggle for democracy among many developing countries. Aung San Suu Kyi fought for democracy and was imprisoned for her beliefs. After years of imprisonment, she was later released. The reaction of the people to her release shows the country’s desire to obtain the very principles that she has been fighting for all her life. Attempts to silence her and to prevent her from talking about democracy with the people have largely been ignored and once again, these actions show her relentless drive towards democracy and the exercise of its privileges.
The above article discusses how Netanyahu was pressured on both sides – the US and the Israeli Cabinet on the acceptance (or refusal) of the incentives package offered by the US. The incentives package was one of the means being proposed by the US in order to achieve a semblance of peace in the West Bank. This article expresses that in order to achieve progress in society, certain compromises and concessions need to be made by parties involved.
In the above article, the “don’t ask” policy is being discussed based on the ruling of the High Court which refused to block discharges from the military service based on a person’s sexual orientation, i.e. being gay. This ruling is considered one of the most debated policies in the US. On one side of the argument, people claim that the act is unconstitutional, and on the other side, others uphold that is it constitutional. The very essence of this issue is about a person’s right to not reveal his sexual orientation. One’s sexual orientation does not have anything to do with one’s ability to serve one’s country, and for as long as being gay does not interfere with a person’s ability to protect the country, it should not be made an issue.
The article exemplifies how the current strategies on international laws and extradition help ensure that criminal offenders are