Article Abstract 03

Article and The role of uncertainty of outcome and scoring in the determination of fan satisfaction in National Football League is the title name for journal article. The particular article has been written by the collaboration of Rodney J. Paul, Yoav Wachsman, and Andrew P. Weinbach (Paul, Wachsman and Weinbach).
Research Question
Authors want to determine the satisfaction of fans with NFL games through fan ratings which is considered as research question.
The Method Used
An empirical method has been used in the study through means of fan ratings in the NFL website to test the hypotheses. The ratings are measured on a scale of 0-100 with zero being the least favored.
Main Conclusion
Results indicated that fans preferred matches which were a close contest and had high uncertainty of outcome. Fans also enjoyed high scoring games against low scoring games and they prefer seeing the two top rated teams together in a match instead of two low rated teams.
Important Contribution
Selecting margin of victory as a determinant in deciphering fan satisfaction is considered as an important factor of the study which revealed negative value. The negative shows increase in the fan rating.
Biggest Criticism
The study had been focused upon measuring post-game fan satisfaction through ratings which is considered as an informal procedure in conducting the study. Many fans have different views regarding a match and these views can change if their team wins or loses a match. A match that has been won by a team which is supported by a fan would give highest ratings, whereas, the ratings from an opposite team fan would give alternate ratings which will create biasness. Therefore, a more precise and accurate procedure must have been adopted. The most important factor that has been missed out by authors is the inclusion of big players playing in the team at the time. After all, fans come out to watch their favorite players in the team and if those players are not included then it will engage less audience and create low satisfaction.
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