Area of interest

Research Area of Interest Introduction This research is based on identification of various challenges facing underserved people in the Baltimore region in Maryland. The current society is faced with various social challenges that basically emerge from poor governance. This has resulted into biasness in regard to the distribution of resources facilitating increased rates of poverty in some parts of the society. This research shall focus on the Baltimore people in Maryland and attempt to provide solutions to their challenges, majorly social challenges resulting from poor governance.
Scope of the Study
The study shall cover the underserved people of Baltimore, specifically those in Maryland occupying in area codes: 21217, 21216 as well as 21215. The main focus of the research shall focus on their health records and their capacity to keep health records. Identified gaps in regard to the community’s capacity to keep health record shall form the basis of this project.
Advantage of Keeping Personal Health Records among the Baltimore Community
One of the advantages of keeping personal health records among the Baltimore community occupying the study area is the fact that it shall assist local health care givers to co-ordinate the health services offered to the local populace at Baltimore. Additionally, it shall facilitate reduction of health care costs by reducing errors that are usually facilitated by lack of personal health care records. Moreover, keeping health care records shall improve health care services offered to the Baltimore community by improving accuracy in relation to healthcare service provision.
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