“Applying the 4 Models of the BGS (Business Government &amp

Society) Relationship to the current debate over U.S. HealthCare Reform" health insurance system would be more beneficial on the part of the children as well as the older and senior women who do not have the financial means to support their medical health expenses.
In the absence of access to health care insurance, millions of Americans will be worried about not have the benefit of receiving high-quality and affordable health care plans for themselves and their family members in case one of them suddenly becomes ill (Sebelius). Likewise, it would be difficult on the part of the U.S. government to control hundreds of billions of dollars that can be wasted because of the ineffenciency in the federal health care programs such as the Medicare and Medicaid including some of the health insurance companies that do not exert effort in increasing the services they provide to the people (Hitchcock).
Specifically the market capitalism model illustrates businesses that are operating within the market environment in response to economic forces (Steiner and Steiner, pp. 9 – 12). In this model, the market serves as a shock absorber between the non-market forces and the business sector. (See Figure I – The Market Capitalism Model below)
This model clearly represents the relationship between the American people and the health care insurance companies that was present way before the current U.S. health care reform. Upon informing the Americans about the health care insurance products, consumers are given the opportunity to make a decision on whether to purchase health care insurance plan or not. (See Figure II – Buying of Health Care Insurance Process below)
The problem with the use of the market capitalism model is that health care insurance companies could easily take advantage of the people by charging them with higher premiums for the costs of health care services. For this reason, the health care practices in the United States needs to be changed by implementing the current health care reform.
Under the dominance model, it