Application to Commission as Naval Officer

I am applying for a commission in order to improve the Naval Aviation Community by bringing on board my technical expertise and strong leadership skills. In all the challenging assignments that I have undertaken, I have portrayed a significant sense of responsibility and proven leadership that have enhanced my performance. This has initiated my ambition to develop my career. As a focused, ambitious and effective leader, I am ready to join the ranks of Limited Duty Officers (LDO) / Chief Warrant Officer (CWO)!
Having worked as an Administrative Leading Chief Petty Officer, my effective leadership style will not only be limited to serving my seniors with diligent but also I will portray professionalism in guiding junior sailors. After my remarkable duties as an Airman Recruit in the United States Navy, I am determined to work extra hard and end my 30 years career as a Naval officer. I am well equipped to undertake the tasks of LDO/CWO. Make me part of the Naval Community! You will experience my dedication and open-mindedness. I am the “Technical Expert” who will not rest until I attain my goal of enhancing Navys productivity.