APPLICATION OF ETHICAL THEORY TO A CASE STUDYSam joined Moyuka a global car manufacturer



Sam joined Moyuka, a global car manufacturer,

about a year ago to work in a team responsible for monitoring product quality of one of Moyuka’s best-selling models.

Recently, Sam has received reports about a few isolated incidents involving problems with the model’s acceleration pedal, which lead the cars to speed dangerously out of control. Sam decides that this is a serious safety concern that needs urgent attention. He raises this with Kathy, his line manager, who listens carefully, takes copious notes and promises to escalate his concerns to senior management.

A few days later, Sam receives a briefing from the Head of Product quality, which strongly recommends that, because there were only a few isolated incidents, that the issue be treated as a ‘quality’ and not a ‘safety’ issue. The briefing points out to the high costs involved in a global product recall and its financial consequences for the company, its employees, and strongly discourage any further investigation. Sam feels uncomfortable with this but, because of his junior position, decides to let the matter drop.

Has Sam done the right thing?