Application for a Business University

­Application for a Business University
I believe that the primary goal of doing business is to enrich the quality of life of the stakeholders, re-invent the way people live and make a better world for everyone who may be affected by its operations. Having a good job with good salary, a good relationship with family and friends are some of the things that are always desired by ordinary people. However, the world’s game changers have always been people who want to change the world. My goal, both in personal life and professional career is to change or influence the world and make it a better place to live. Waking up in the morning and realizing that I have done great things is what I always want to achieve.
My family owns the biggest ceramics manufacturer in ABCDEFG. At our company, we ensure that our products are satisfactory to our customers. As the company is still expanding, I am aware that XXX MBA would help and guide me to be a better businessperson and take my family business to the next level especially in the fast growing market. XXX offers small-personalized classes which allow more interactions among the students. Teamwork is very crucial in the business world, and effective teamwork requires effective and consistent commitment and communication efforts. Hence, XXX program will greatly improve my leadership skills as I would be required to demonstrate strategic thinking, excellent collaborative skills, and self-awareness. These are important characteristic of a successful businessperson or entrepreneur.
In my undergraduate studies, I was required to take YYY, which was a blend of academic study with community service and it played an important role in developing my leadership skills. I learnt a lot from this experience, as it required development of effective communication skills between team members. I also realised that teamwork is the key to success for any project. In addition, I also learnt how to apply business concepts that I had learnt from my previous business classes to a real world business situation. This experience is helpful when doing my current MBA program at ZZZ. In my marketing class at ZZZ, I gained a lot of experience working in a team. There were five members in our team and we collaborated with each other to utilize our strengths while converting weaknesses into strengths. Each person played a complementary role to other members in our team. We all worked and contributed effectively due to our great teamwork leadership skills. We actively participated in contributing to the project and as a result, we succeeded in the project.
Successful projects require a star team instead of a team of stars. A star team will make a great team, as it gives the right people the opportunity to grow. The process of growing will then strengthen the team’s success and commitment. According to the article “The Genius of Teamwork“, “A real team is made up of people who may be unequal in experience, talent, or education, but who are equal in their commitment to working together to achieve the goals and good of the organization, each other and their customers.” That is how a star team is formed. The vital secret is more about the teams rather than the individual. Individuals must be able to work in a team, as “Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people” (Steve Jobs).
I am a businessperson who believes that leadership requires credibility and authenticity. That means, being yourself and the person that you were meant to be. This begins with the desire to serve others through leadership and it focuses on empowering the people one leads to make a difference. It uses natural abilities, but also recognizes shortcomings and working hard to overcome them. In order to become authentic, it is necessary to develop one’s own leadership style, consistent with one’s personality and character. Throughout my experiences, I have used my strengths to compensate for my colleagues’ weaknesses. I have also recognized my weaknesses and was willing to improve them with the help of my teammates. Last but not least, through all this, I believe that everyone can learn something and grow together to become a better businessperson, entrepreneur, or leader in the future.