Apple III Business and Sophisticated Operating System

Task: Apple III Apple III business idea started in the late 1978 under s Sara. The project under management of Dr. Wendell Sander was to follow up to Apple II, which was not doing well in the market. It also represented the first computer not designed by the popular Steve Wozniak, but Apple engineers. Contrary to other designs, Apple III used an inbuilt Sophisticated Operating System (SOS) that allowed it to perform different functions. However, it was not compatible with DOS 3.2 and 3.3, a common software for Apple at the time. In as much as apple promised to start shipment of the product in July 1980 internal conflict and production problems extended the deadline. The company was happy with the product, which manifested great features as compared to Apple II.
However, the happiness was cut short, two months after introduction. The project did not consider the available software, as only three existed. Evidently, no software was expected at the time for a period of six months hence making operations difficult. Apple III software was buggy and crashed even at little functions such as the save command. Certainly, this caused frustration among journalists interested in exploring the new device. The problems did not stop at the software, but the motherboard also got hot hence pushing chips out of their sockets. In response, Apple officials advised customers to drop their systems for reset. Nonetheless, the project came at a halt when IBM launched a more effective computer at lower prices ($1,565) than Apple. In this light, customers crossed over to IBM PC without giving apple even the alternative option hence the failure.
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