Angelina Jolie Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations

Angelina Jolie: Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations

Angelina Jolie is an American nationality from California and a renowned Hollywood actress. Throughout her lifetime, she has ventured in many movies such as Good Shepherd, Hackers, Taking life, and among others. She has several awards in this career including Oscar and the Golden Globe. Despite her success in acting and being most celebrated Hollywood actress, Jolie has a unique character due to her role towards humanitarian and love for children in her real life (Tracy, 2008). This depicts the reason I chose her from the movie ‘The Good Shepherd’. In the film, Jolie takes the role of a wife to a CIA agent called Clover Wilson (Coppola, 2006). She appears too grounded in protecting her only child from being killed like her husband. She portrays a character of a protector guardian who does all she can to save the child.
A protector is a person who is silently forceful and sensitive to the objective. The person tends to be secretive and individualistic. In addition, a protector adheres strictly to set values and able to persevere and remain persistent until the duty is fulfilled. In the movie, Clover Wilson despite the unfolding of the family that was devastating, she holds her tongue until the end. She persevered the twisting of the family, swallowed the bitterness of rejection, and stood as unloved wife just for the sake of protecting the son (Bella, 2009).
The character of Jolie being a protector of her son helps to understand why in real life she works with United Nations as humanitarian protecting children rights. She was honored with an award by UN for her effort. However, she still extends the role of a protector guardian by adopting three children from different human races in countries where their rights were violated like Marley from Ethiopia in Africa.
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