Analyzing a Job Description

Apart from mere undertakings and the technical skills that are of relevance in undertaking these responsibilities, the details should include such personal features that would ease the process of one holding the position. In this manner, the firm ensures that the employees it eventually hires would be of the traits that would be easy to effectively manage (Thomas &amp. Michael, 2001).

A New York hospitality firm, Travel care company Limited, has for the past three years operated in the American market offering such services in hotel booking, flight ticketing, car rental, and hiring. The company has decided to venture into the tour industry for the first time. The firm is, therefore, diversifying its services and is expanding to other cities in America as well. Their first destination following this diversification is the city of Los Angels. A number of new positions have, as a result, been created and the firm aims to hire several of these within the five weeks preceding the formal opening of the Los Angel’s offices.
Following the planned diversification of the firm, two fundamental departments have been created and would thus require staffing. It is with that effect that this memo seeks validity. The firm will be seeking to employ twenty-five drivers and tour guides of a similar number.

Tour guides. Details and requirements
The individuals will be responding to the head of the department on tourism from which orders and terms of daily engagements will be communicated on daily basis. They will be tasked with the mandate of taking the tourists on safaris. Their main task will be to ensure that the tourists receive care while on the trip. The trips would vary in context depending on the one that each tourist would book.