Analysis of Why We Fight by Jarecki

The movie gives a comprehensive account of the foot defense forces that were sent to the war, the workers of the army, the pentagon labor force and armed agents. Additionally, Why we fight (2005) displays that the associates of the Congress were not estranged from the course of the war as well as the security consultants. In the movie, it is evident that the major theme under discussion was the ideas of the American martial approaches. Through the strategies under discussion from the American elite, it is apparent that these thoughts have been changing particularly after the Second World War (Why we fight, 2005).

From the onset of the movie, danger signs of war were reported. President Eisenhower offers a speech warning the country on a rise in martial and an industrialized complex that would jeopardize the liberty of the US citizens (Why we fight, 2005). The filmmaker goes ahead to use images from military films, images from newsreels amongst others.&nbsp.&nbsp.