Analysis of the Poem Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon by Li Po

The moon was regarded to have a special position in the Tang dynasty, making it a key source of inspiration for the speaker. The shadow is also noticed as the speaker to toasts to it, showing the naturality of the objects in the poem. Since the moon in real sense does not have any contact with alcohol, the speaker notes that he and the moon do not read from the same page. The shadow also is not really his peer, but the two play a role as drinking partners. However, the loneliness does not leave him. Later on, he finds happiness as the three find the friendship meaningful, bringing joy to the speaker LiPo, 1996).
Documented during the Tang dynasty, the poem stands to symbolize an attitude that shows Taoism and Zen elements that are both spiritual but traditional Chinese practices. The main aim of the poem is to encourage the reader to connect with nature and detach from the human ties as stated in the Taoist philosophy. In the poem, this central impression is developed via the use of imagery, joyful tone use, and personification. It specifically exemplifies Taoist ideas, with a description of a man enjoying his privacy in nature.
In normal contexts, alcohol is known to bring pleasure and some sort of joy to the user. In a similar way, it has certainly the same impact on the speaker in "Drinking Alone beneath the Moon." For example, the upshot is seen in the fifth stanza when the author talks of singing and dancing while he allows the alcohol to take its course. However, the stanza that follows brings in the bittersweet sadness of drinking, informing readers that the speaker is excited when in a sober mood but loses his close friends when he drinks. In this context, therefore, the poem’s praise of alcohol as root to pleasure is combined with Li Po’s pleasure with the friendship that he experiences from the moon and his own shadow. The reader, in the end, realizes that the value of the wine is not its capacity to give pleasure, but its capacity to allow an individual view the world more clearly than before.&nbsp.&nbsp.