Analysis of The Brain That Challenges Itself by Norman Doidge

1250 The book (The Brain That Challenges Itself) has been written by Norman Doidge who is a psychiatrist. Through this book, Doidge clarifies and informs that the long-held thought of the brain being vulnerable to changes is completely wrong. He informs the readers that the brain has the capability of adapting to changes that occur over time and it is not vulnerable against mental disorders. it rather becomes adaptive to these disorders. In the book he refers to the brain as being plastic, by this he means that the brain can mould itself according to different scenarios and the brain ability to mould itself is similar to plastic’s ability to change shape according to elements and objects that contact the plastic. The book further states that there is a direct link between culture and brain and brain experiences alterations due to culture and not due to genes. This means that when the brain comes in contact with certain cultural practices, it adopts it and the individual starts behaving accordingly. The concept that the brain is adaptive to the environment can help us achieve our aims and objectives and we can alter our brain according to our needs. In relation to human sexuality, an individual can control his/her sexuality.&nbsp.