Analysis of Apocalypse Film

Apocalypse is a film that reveals how people from Vietnam were tired of taking orders from the Americans thus started a revolution meant to refute humiliation by their superiors. Many people incurred severe injuries during the war while others lost their minds due to the trauma they experienced. Benjamin is the main character, and he is suffering from posttraumatic experience, which affects him to the extent of divorcing his wife. Well, organization coupled with employing of diverse styles in this film has immensely helped in bringing out its themes effectively. Besides, editing of the film has benefit to it owing to its alignment of diverse scenes that comprise the film, hence making both the characters and their settings are in harmony.
Apocalypse film starts with the words “Apocalypse Now”. Viewers hear the sound of a helicopter behind the screen and they are able to see a beautiful jungle that is full of life. Some minutes later a-bomb, napalm, and fire are experienced all over the jungle. Viewers see the helicopters as they drop the bombs and the destruction that is taking place. A beautiful man appears in the jungle but his image is upside down, he is shell-shocked and he looks lifeless. The man is smoking a cigarette that appears as if it is getting life from the fire of destruction. The man is alive but appears to be dead since he is hallucinating or he is remembering something in his life.
Lighting is a crucial element in the movie together with the fogs and shadows. The look of the film is dark and shadowy incorporating the theme of war and the dark journey soldiers undertake. Willard begins the journey riding his boat at dusk. As the journey begins the light is high but the film gets darker as the journey gets deeper and deeper. Lighting in the film represents dangers in the jungle and the metaphorical journey soldiers undertake in spiritual land. Lights in the film are brash and painful to the eyes as the blacks are demanding and tiresome.