Analysis of Advertisements

Bud Light
Excellent advertisement as it effectively conveys its intended message which can be easily decoded by the target audience. The background provides a perfect backdrop for the product and can be easily correlated with the product features. The advertisement also captures the mood of the target market audience.
2) Kia
This is a superb advertisement which effectively conveys the product features using an innovative jet-skiing character, apart from this the advertisement also effectively correlates the product features with the backdrop of the audience, use of animated characters also is in complete tune with the tagline of the product.
3) Subway
This is a good advertisement. One on hand it gives a good display of product features and on the other hand, provides a hilarious backdrop of three office executives. The linkage of the backdrop with real-life events would induce repeat viewing.
4) Toyota
This is an example of an excellent advertisement. The innovative backdrop would induce repeat viewership, the advertisement shows a husband and wife fighting for the car devoid of the consequences, which is likely to make the product attractive and would enhance the positioning of the brand.
5) Norton Security
An extremely innovative advertisement which communicates the product features in an innovative manner which would induce repeat viewership. The character portrayed in the advertisement effectively correlates with the product features which are likely to generate a good impact on the customers.