America’s Great Indian Nations

“America’s Great Indian Nations” is a movie about the process of beginning of the conquest of colonial powers over the Native Indians, popularly known as the peoples of the new world. In their first interaction with Christopher Columbus, the gullible Indians thought that Columbus and his sailors were divine people that have arrived from the kingdom of God. The process of their exploitation took rapid strides and within one generation the peaceful kingdom of Tino Indians was gone forever haunted by slavery, disease, torture, and war.
The ascendancy of the colonial powers and downward spiral of the confederacy that comprised of several Indian tribes continued without intermission, fierce resistance was offered by the Indian tribes through three major wars but they were finally subdued by the colonial powers. Their deep desire to dominate the land, what is now America, fructified. The documentary elucidates the story of six major Native American Tribes with the support of maps, artwork, scenic beauty of the land, different features related to the lifestyle and culture of the Iroquois.

The movie is eminently suited to enrich one’s knowledge about tribal life and their fierce loyalties.