Ali v Headteacher and Governors of Lord Grey School

As a result, the school asked the boys to stay away from school till the investigation was completed and Ali was thus excluded from school for successive periods from 9th March to 6th June 2001. Schoolwork was sent to the defendant’s home and he was allowed to sit for his SAT tests between 8th and 14th May 2001. The school then referred the student to the LEA for the continuation of his education with no further work being assigned to the student by the school after 14th May.
On 18th June 2001, the Prosecution informed Ali’s solicitors that the case was being discontinued for lack of evidence and this was formally executed the following day. The respondent approached the school with his brother and requested re-entry and official notice of discontinuance of the case was received by the school via fax from the Court on 22nd June and the police on July 3, 2001. The headteacher sent letters to the respondent’s parents on 3rd July and 4th July to attend a meeting on 13th July in which all staff members concerned with the students’ reintegration would also be present. The three students were to compensate by painting the damaged room. However, only one student turned up on 13th July and was reintegrated into the school. the respondent, however, did not turn up and neither did his family. They did not contact the school at the commencement of a new term in September and his name was struck off the school rolls in mid-October. The parents contacted the students in early November for reinstatement of the student, which was unsuccessful because having failed to hear from them earlier, the school had allotted the respondent’s place to another student. From 21st January 2002, the student began to attend another school.
The Pupil Referral Unit of the LEA at Manor House Road offered tuition for the pupil until the end of the current school term on 20th July.&nbsp.