Aggressive Dogs

&nbsp.Many have commented that if the city does not quickly act, they will resort to vigilante actions by shooting the dogs. Although many complaints have been lodged, our city leaders have turned a blind eye to the problem but must now quickly act to protect its citizens by enacting strict ordinances that will curb this intolerable dilemma. Instead of allowing neighbors to declare open season on dogs walking the neighborhood streets, which would not be to anyone’s safety, it is important that the city now address the problem of wild dogs by enacting and enforcing strict ordinances specifically designed to curb the number of unlicensed dogs in the city.
The problem with the dogs has been escalating for approximately three years. About five years ago, this neighborhood as much as any other typical suburban middle-class hamlet. A mixture of ethnicities went to work then came home to enjoy the conventional activities of talking over the fence to neighbors, caring for the lawn and watching their children running with their neighborhood friends. Dogs were pets that were either on a leash or in the backyard. Seldom was there a problem with dogs until someone who evidently had no compassion for the animals or for the people that would have to deal with them abandoned a couple of dogs within the neighborhood streets. People of the neighborhood began to notice them rummaging through the trash about three years ago. Several called the city dog pound for relief. Pound officials would come out to look for the dogs about an hour after the call and, of course, the dogs were long gone by then. It wasn’t long before another couple of dogs joined to make it a pack. The original two are medium-sized with longish hair that is now matted and missing in patches.&nbsp.