Ageism in the UK Hospitality Industry Could It Be a Mutually Beneficial Association

While the average life expectancy worldwide was 44 in 1950, by 2010 it is expected to go up to 77 (BBC, 2002). However, the older people in the UK nurture a desire to be independent and go and do something meaningful in life, which enables them to experience a fulfilled and satisfying experience (Reed, Cook, Childs &amp. Hall, 2003).
Aging has now been perceived from a progressive perspective which is reflected in the policy statements at the national and international levels (Biggs, Phillipson, Money &amp. Leach, 2006). This is also evident from the nature and the contribution of the older people to society. The older people are richer, fitter and more similar to the rest of the adult population. Hence, job opportunities for older people should be available in plenty.
Opportunities exist for older people in several sectors in the UK. The hospitality sector, for instance, has been experiencing a shortage of labor force as the young people are increasingly engaging in full-time education (Magd, 2003). As a strategic response to the labor shortage in the sector, some organizations are considering the benefits that they could derive from the potential employment of the older workers. Based on the Bryant model that the older people wish to go and do something meaningful in life, this report examines whether the employment of the older people in the hospitality sector would be mutually beneficial both to the employer and the employee.
The Bryant model suggests that people have the ability to do something meaningful. This includes physical abilities that give them a sense of independence (Reed, Cook, Childs &amp. Hall, 2003). Conversely, maintaining independence confirms the physical ability of older people. Secondly, older people have the resources to go and do something meaningful. These resources include social resources (friends and family) and health resources. The third dimension in the Bryant model is the willingness or the&nbsp.attitude of the older people to go and do something