Advance Career Development Strategies

There many ways a parole officer can create, maintain and enhance his professional network, some of the strategies for this purpose are enlisted below.
a) Join a professional organization or association to be a part of your professional community.
b) Keep close contact with your past, present and future clients t
c) Ensure an extensive use of technology, especially through social media and email.
d) Devise an action plan for the promotion of your professional contacts and a feedback mechanism.
e) Ensure active participation in social gatherings, ceremonies and welfare activities.
These activities are important because customer care can make a difference in a competitive environment and all of these activities show your concern and interest in prospective clients’ problems. The association not only provide a communal space and networking platform but it also keeps you updated on policy matters and legal issues of your interest along with several training programs that can give you an added advantage in the professional career.