Active Listening Behaviors

1250 My dad is an active listener because he has been successfully settling disputes in our place. Almost all the conflicting parties who were subjected to mediation under his administration have been reconciled. In fact, there was a period when there were only two or three disputes which were brought to court. The rest have been resolved amicably. People have been describing him as an effective listener, one who knows how to get the empathy of both parties in a case. As his only daughter, I can attest to his “active listening behaviors.” When my dad acts as a mediator to a dispute, he tends to listen carefully by not interrupting the party speaking and seems to keenly observe facial and body expressions. I also notice that whenever he speaks, he always relate his views to actual situations. He conveys his message to the parties in a very professional way and makes sure that he gets the correct information so as to give the best advice (McKelvie, 2009). He always respects the value and acknowledges differing opinions which make the conflicting parties less argumentative (Rogers &amp. Farson, as cited in Shapse, n.d.). My dad has many friends from all walks of life. Almost everybody knows him well.&nbsp.