Accident Victim Interview Report

2500 Full 4 October Accident Victim Interview Report The person Iinterviewed was Paul. Paul is a plasterer. He works with his team on a construction project. The accident happened on 6 June 2011. On the day of accident, Paul was plastering a block wall on the second floor inside a house. The house was under construction. The railing on the side of the staircase was not yet fixed. The staircase was fixed with wall on one side, while the other side was free. Paul was standing on the stair’s top landing. While doing the plaster, he took a pause to check if the wall was in plumb. He took a step backwards. Little did he know that he was just on the edge of the landing. As soon as he lifted his second foot to take a further step backwards, there was no floor beneath. Next moment, Paul was on the first floor. He had fallen head down and the back of his head struck against the corner of the first stair. The stair was made in concrete and had not yet been plastered or tiled. Paul was not wearing helmet while plastering, so he received scars on the back of his head. He started to bleed heavily. The foreman noticed him and immediately reported the case to the engineer. The engineer called for the safety officer and called the first aid. The safety officer took notes and escorted Paul to the nearest hospital. Paul received five stitches in the head. Surprisingly, he did not have any fracture. He was lucky enough to remain safe and sound. After taking his X-ray, the doctor said that the scars were not deep and had not penetrated into the skull. Paul had only had his skin cut. The doctor proposed that Paul should take a bed rest for at least two weeks before going to work. The construction company he was employed in paid for his medical expenses. After two weeks, the scars had sufficiently healed. The doctor undid the bandage. Paul was feeling ok then and would be at work the following day. The incident was reported to OSHA. OSHA team visited the construction site and instructed the General Manager (GM) to bring certain changes in the workplace within a specified duration. Following the incident, the safety officer ensured that every worker wore the helmet. To achieve this, he announced with due approval of the GM that any worker found without a helmet on the site would be fined along with his foreman. Every worker would receive three fines before getting terminated from work, and the successive fines would be larger. The safety officer also got scaffolding fixed aside every staircase in every house on the construction site. In addition to that, all workers were called in a meeting and were told to be conscious to the extreme level with respect to safety. They were instructed to wear safety belts while working at height, put on helmet all the time and wear safety boots. Now Paul never forgets to wear his helmet and makes sure that he is protected with scaffolding anywhere he works.