What is WizzLuck?

"Experience a new way of dating. WizzLuck and its Wizz Live Radar allows you to meet people you physically interact with. It is the first App that sends random and funny pickup lines to connect people using humour and originality"

Picture you're sitting at a cafe, a library or any other public place, suddenly you see someone you would like to approach but you aren't sure how to do it..

WizzLuck has the answer!

By using the "Wizz" tool, a virtual reality interface, you will be able to find the specific person you're interested in. If desired, you will be able to contact them immediately, no mutual match is needed.

Don’t know how to start the conversation and want to be a bit creative ?? Simply Hit the "Shake" feature.

By clicking the W button on the chat, let WizzLuck do it for you and take you to a whole new level.

Look around you and let the experience begin!