Aboriginal and Circle of Life

Aboriginal and Circle of Life Aboriginal people are believed to have arrived from Asia, with some settling in North America while others continued to settle in the South. The Aboriginals lived in cooperation, and harmony among themselves as demonstrated by the absence of standing armies and protracted warfare. For survival in the harsh environment, the Aboriginals held enormous respect for nature, living in harmony with it.
In order to have survived for such a long a period in North America, a balance must have been maintained between the physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural aspects of life, which illustrates the circle of life and the vital role it plays. There were numerous ways in which the circle of life is interpreted, all of which illustrate the need for a harmonious existence with others and nature. The medicine wheel is a physical manifestation of spiritual energy, through which one can visualize surrounding events, which allowed the Aboriginals to be in harmony with the self and nature by creating notions of new life and renewal (Liebmann 69).&nbsp.