Abc is a large Australian multinational company with subsidiaries in eight different countries The company


abc is a large Australian muinational company with subsidiaries in eight different countries.The company

provided an initial cash infusion to establish each subsidiary.However, each subsidiary has had to finance its own growth since then. The parent and subsidiaries of abc typically use Citigroup (with branches in numerous countries)when possible to facilitate any flow of funds necessary.

a Explain the various ways in which Citigroup could facilitate abc’s flow of funds, and identify the type of financial market where that flow of funds occurs. For each type of financing transaction, specify whether Citigroup would serve as the creditor or would simply be facilitating the flow of funds to abc.

b Recently, the British subsidiary called on Citigroup for a medium-term loan and was offered the following aernatives: Loan denominated in Annualised rate

British pounds 13%

Australian dollars 11%

Canadian dollars 10%

Japanese yen 8%

What characteristics do you think would help the British subsidiary determine which currency to borrow?