A Terrible of Burma Cyclone

There have been many incidents reported regarding the struggle of survivors and the lack of government attention on the matter. The lack of food, shelter, medication, and capital to begin a new livelihood are the predominant reasons.

This report on the cyclone will state scientific data and issues on the occurrence, The extent of damage to life and property, the details of the aid received, the response in terms of aid and statement and intervention of the globe and the Burmese government’s take on the disaster. The report will include valid data regarding the damage to life and the aid sent by the US and the UN countries, reports and news from various renowned papers across the world, and statements of officials, economists, governments, NGO’s and the victims themselves.

The extent of damage1.1: In the report “ Seeking justice for Burma” the author professor Michael A. Newton stated: “On 2nd and 3rd May 2008 Tropical cyclone Nargis struck Burma battering the 209 kilometers per hour 130(mph) winds at 3.7 meter 12-foot storm surge. IT devastates most of Southern Burma especially the densely populated&nbsp.Irrawady (Ayyerawady) Delta, and the country’s most populous city Rangoon (Yangoon). The U.N estimated that the death toll from the cyclone could be “in the region of 1, 00,000 or even more” with 220,000 people believed missing. Both figures far surpassed the SPDC’s (State Peace development Council) tally which stands at 84530 dead and 53836 missings.”(Newton 4)

The figures given by the professor are right as these were the same figures that were published by the USAID on July 9, 2008, in Fact, sheet no 24, for the fiscal year 2008. This manipulation or underreporting of numbers by the Government of Burma shows their unwillingness to accept responsibility or take the blame for the lack of warning given to the people regarding the cyclone.
US Aid 1.2: The USAID report on&nbsp.July 2009 published the details if Humanitarian aid sent to Burma and this totaled to an amount of $47,245,447 this includes the aids of the Adventist Development Relief Agency, American Red Cross, etc.