A Role in the Development of Cold War

&nbsp.The relationship of the country with the other states globally was also negatively affected. The above phenomenon can be regarded as the first sign of the Cold War internationally. Through the years other events intervene and had a role in the development of the Cold War in which many states finally involved. The two World wars are considered by many historians as the main parts of the Cold War developed all around the world (including Asia and Africa). The response of the West to the appearance and the development of the Cold War through the actions of specific politicians like Hitler and Stalin was not appropriate. As a result, the two wars were not avoided finally and the international community passed through a series of extremely difficult events that cost the lives of millions around the world. The events related with the Cold War are analytically presented in Table 1 (Appendix). However, in order to understand the relevant events, it is necessary to identify the reasons that led many politicians worldwide to choose a series of specific policies and military actions.
Generally, it could be stated that the Cold War has been a fundamental part of modern history expanding in many aspects of political and social life in states around the world. In fact, it has been proved that several countries have been involved in the Cold War – which has been considered to be an issue between Russia and the USA. Regarding specifically, the above two countries and the beginning of the Cold War between them, Hinds et al. (1991, 4) stated that ‘the cold war led each nation to identify the other as a rival and created a mutual animosity that transcended their previously shared contempt for the Old European World. identifying one another as the primary enemy came gradually through the "frustrated expectations of postwar collaboration" and through analogies and associations drawn from their mutual wartime enemy, Germany’. In other words, the Cold War between Russia and Germany should be considered as the result of a general political effort that targeted the relations of these two countries as former allies.