A Critical Analysis of Ideology In America by Christopher Ellis and James Stimson

Porrit also says that both the left and the right form an underlying super-ideology. By this, they mean to say that capitalism and communism have a similar goal and, when conjoined, form an indestructible force that sees to change and development in many areas of society. The similarities between the politics of the left and of the right are more than the differences and society should dwell on the similarities. They call the super-ideology industrialization, which, he says, is the machine of progress (Ellis &amp. Stimson, 2012).
Conservatism is an aristocratic ideology given the many similarities between them. Conservatism advocates for the preservation of the best in society with an opposing view on the effecting of radical changes. This is the same view held by the philosopher Aristotle in his teachings and presentation of ideologies. He advocated for a good education with the order in society without radicalism. Another similarity between the two is that both ideologies require the election or nomination into the power of leaders who are capable to handle issues of the society in a sober way.
Conservatism has nine schools of thought under it. They are liberal conservatism, conservative liberalism, libertarian conservatism, fiscal conservatism, green conservatism, national and traditional conservatism, cultural and social conservatism, religious conservatism, and progressive conservatism. The one thing differentiating one form of conservatism from the other is that, while they all focus on influencing politics, each has its own approach to how the best in society should be preserved. As suggested by the names, the various forms of conservatism apply the doctrines and principles of a given social structure such as religion and liberalism to conservatism.
According to conservatives, the human is nature is greatly flawed but with the potential of being pure and perfect. They are of the opinion that human beings are selfish and their choices are often flawed.