A Classical Argument on Language

For instance, the definition of vernacular is, “the native language or native dialect of a particular population. The latter is critical when distinguishing it from lingua franca of the famous group that occupies a region, or it could be a literary work. Further extensions may even cover the entire nation.
Slang is in the record for being informal and not standard. It is made up of words and phrases whose changing lifespan is very short. The rubric to a form of expression in the English language as standard or not is a real task (Slang). The means of determining that variations of slang and vernaculars qualify to be a reference to a standard is enough dynamic. It mainly depends on the speaker and for how long they have been speaking the language consistently. Despite the experts especially looking at the groups of people speaking the language, the process should remain objective.
The criterion for a form of speech to be considered standard varies and is somewhat absolute because the pattern is constant throughout many different languages. Basing on the fact that the language is dynamic, the entire framework should also change as a response to time. An example of this is what Johnson states about slang, “Slang is a way in which languages change and its renewal” (Slang). Some of the criteria are. having recognized grammar, standard pronunciation, public use, popularity, majority speakers, as well as media and business usage. The English language encompasses a variety of vernaculars. For example, African American Vernacular English is acknowledged as a standard form of speech. It is so because the African American speaker publically uses it, and it is also quite familiar with the African American Culture the grammar used in AAVE has also been studied and recognized as standard.
The manner in which the specialists establish meanings that are usable in relation to the terms public use and popularity is only taken as objective if it considers the other&nbsp.forms by other persons.&nbsp.