A better way for the US to give foreign aid

A better way for the US to give foreign aid
US should give more to foreign aid that focuses on giving education. At present, the United States ranked only second to last with a meager $2.3 million in its total donations, just ahead of Romania. The United Kingdom has given $676 million, and Australia has given $149 million. Its donation for education can surely have a huge impact in alleviating poverty in that parts of the world.
Education is the best way to reduce poverty. When one invests in education, the recipient will be able to learn skills that would enable them to make a living and provide a better future for their families, communities and the countries in which they live.
The economic yield in investing in education is real. For each additional year of school among children, the gross domestic product of a certain country can grow by 0.37 percent. Also, when secondary education is increased by 10 percent higher than the average rate for the population, the risk of war is reduced by around 3 per cent.
If access to education also will include young girls and then it would engage in promoting their rights and welfare, also have positive results. Infant mortality rates fall and surprisingly, even crop yield increases. This could be due to the fact that there will be more people who will till the land to produce more crops. And when there are more crops that will be harvested, families will have more income that would end their poverty.
Foreign donation on education is a wise use of foreign aid. Unlike in traditional aid where it will only provide temporary relief, the benefit of getting children educated is more permanent. In a report, it is said that if all students in low-income countries left school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty. And that is only teaching children to read and already 171 million are lifted out of poverty. Imagine what more if those people are educated through college. At present, there are still 57 million children who are yet to complete primary school. This is the best global investment the US government can make because there are still millions of children waiting to be educated and lifted from poverty.
US should think long-term and shift its aid focus to education. Instead of engaging in wars that kills people that is not theirs, it would be better to channel their aid to education. Its cost is not as much as financing a war and the yields are tremendous. So in effect, the money that they will give will not be thrown into nothing but will in fact grow with the lives of the recipient getting better. On a long-term, conflict also reduces when people get educated. So US can view educational aid as a means of ending conflict and not just getting children to school. Its benefits are huge and it does not cost much compared to financing or meddling in a pointless war that kills people.