According to Piaget, children learn to use language proficiently during the


61. According to Piaget, children learn to use language proficiently during the


a. Sensorimotor

b. Preoperational

c. Concrete operational

d. Formal operational

62. According to Erikson, one of the central questions of middle aduhood is ___

a. Will I have and be able to keep a girlfriend or boyfriend?

b. How can I help future generations?

c. Who am I and what am I going to do with my future?

d. How can I learn to feel productive?

63. During the resistance stage of the general adaptation syndrome, ___

a. The person resolves the conflict with the stressor.

b. The person gains renewed coping abilities.

c. The body’s resistance to disease breaks down.

d. The body fights the stressor.

64. Which of the following is a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder?

a. Lack of moral standard

b. Flashback

c. Delusions of grandeur

d. Inflexibility

65. Floyd has recently lost his job. Which of the following is an emotional-focused method of coping that reduce the adverse effects of stress?

a. Looking for a new job

b. Mediating

c. Developing a strict budget and sticking to it.

d. Consider a career change.

66. A characteristic that may be present in individuals who lack the ability to bounce back from stress

a. Type A behavior

b. An optimistic style of thinking about the self and the future.

c. The belief that they have little or no control over what happens to them.

d. A reliable social support networks.

67. The ___ is based on the assumption that varying levels of stress are associate positive life events.

a. Approach-avoidance scale

b. Social readjustment scale

c. Annoyance scale

d. Wechsler scale

68. Researchers in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology

a. Study the effects of psychological factors on the body’s resistance to disease.

b. Believe that the ability to resist stress is genetic.

c. Argue that biological causes of disease are more important than psychological factors.

d. State that social support has little influence on an indivisual’s ability to manage stress.

69. One reason for the connection between stress and illness is that stress

a. Change how the brain functions.

b. Causes the body to release hormones like corticosteroids that affects the immune system.

c. Reduces appetite

d. Increases the number of red and white blood cells produced by the immune system.

70. According to Freud, which of the following resides at the level of the precocious?

a. Our current thoughts, feelings, and memories.

b. Memories that are easily accessible.

c. Represses memories.

d. Working memories.

71. The principle by which the ego operates is called the ___ principle.

a. Reality

b. Libidinal

c. Pleasure

d. Satisfaction

72. Myra lost her job and said to herself, I need to get out of that job anyway. Now I can find something else. is using the defense mechanism of ___

a. Regression

b. Rationalization

c. Sublimation

d. Fixation

73. According to Freud, personality develops in a series of

a. Psychosocial stages

b. Psychosexual stages

c. Psycho-cognitive stages

d. Psycho-rational stages

74. Personality is strongly insluenced by role models and behavioral consequences according to ___

a. Neo-Freudians

b. Cognitive theoris

c. Learning theories

d. Psychoanalytic theories

75. Which group of personality theories view humans as innately good?

a. Psychoanalytic

b. Behaviorist

c. Humanistic

d. Trait

76. Twin studies are important in the study of the ___ of personality.

a. Behavioral assessment

b. Twinning

c. Behavioral genetic

d. Androgyny

77. You took a personality test, and the resus indicated that you are very outgoing. On which of these approaches to personality is the test probably based?

a. Evolutionary

b. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

c. Five-factors or big five (trait) theory

d. Psychoanalytic theory

78. Gray took a personality test that included over one hundred objective questions about his preferences and behaviors. The test was probably a(n)

a. Self-report inventory

b. Projective test

c. Structured survey

d. Aptitude test

79. Which type of test asks people to respond to vague, ambigious stimuli?

a. Self-report inventory

b. Structure interview

c. One that measures typical personality traits but not abnormal behavior

d. Projective

80. According to Albert Bandura’s social learning (social cognitive) theory of personality, a person who believes that s/he can accomplish goals has___

a. External locus of control

b. Self-effecacy

c. Fully met esteem needs

d. Internal locus of control

81. Kevin found a wallet under a desk in his psychology classroom that contained fifty dollars in cash and several credit cards. According to Freud, what part of his personality will urge him to keep the cash but turn in the wallet?

a. Preconscious

b. Ego

c. Id

d. Superego

82. Barbie experienced shortness of breath when she throught about the prospect of failing her psychology test. She fear she was having a heart attack and asked her roommate to take her to the emergency room. Barbie was probably experiencing a(n)___.

a. Seizure

b. Panic attack

c. Compulsion

d. Attack of agoraphobia

83. Even though Beth has over a hundred decorative china teacups, but she cannot stop herself from buying more of the yard sales and flea markets. This pattern resembles the disorder known as___

a. Panic disorder

b. Complex phobia

c. Obsessive compulsive disorder

d. Bipolar disorder.

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