4 2 American Revolution

GEORGE WASHINGTON George Washington George Washington is marked to be one of the most important figures during the American Revolution. His part in the Revolution has made him to be labeled as the only reason why the Americans were able to survive the war. His leadership is considered to be remarkable. It is believed that it was due to his abilities and tactics that the Continental Army which he led as the Commander was able to defeat the army of the British which was superior to it in terms of resources and strength. George Washington is an important historical figure of the American Revolution who laid a great impact on this war1.
George Washington who is counted in the list of the founding fathers of the country did not have a very comfortable childhood and he became a land surveyor during his teenage. His assessment of land helped him when he became a part of the military. He was made the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army in the year 1775. Following this, he performed his duties in an extraordinary way leading his soldiers to victory eventually. He did not give up hope and kept on pushing for the fight to continue which then became the reason for the surrendering of the British troops in the year 1781. His important decisions during the period of war were the unexpected attacks on the military bases at Trenton in 1776 and at Princeton in the year 1777 2.
The success of Washington and his popularity during the American Revolution led him to become the first President of the United States of America in 1789. His services in the war are still remembered and he was an important figure of the Revolution3 (Learning 2008).
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