1 What is the size of the industry?2 How is the industry segmented?3 What is the industry’s


1. What is the size of the industry?
2. How is the industry segmented?
3. What is the industry’s

projected growth and profitability?
4. What are the factors affecting growth and profitability?
5. What are the trends in the number of competitors and their size, product innovation, distribution, finances, regulation, and product liability?

  • Prepare a brief, written proposal to the executive management team, explaining your potential choice (Starbucks) for acquisition:Overview of potential acquisition and why it makes sense to the parent. This is the who, what, where, why, when, and potentially how. You will consider many factors, including your industry as a whole and the current and expected economic climate.

1 Industry analysis and proposal Your name
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Date of submission 2 Size of the industry
The fast food industry is a fast growing and expanding an industry that has had a…