1 What do directly proportional and inversely proportional mean?2 When you push on an object how does


1. What do directly proportional and inversely proportional mean?

2. When you push on an object, how does

the magnitude of the force affect its motion? If youpush harder, is the change in motion smaller or larger? Is a direct or inverse relationship?

3. Assume that you have a bowling ball and a baseball, each suspended from a different rope.If you hit each of these balls with a full swing of a baseball bat, which ball will change itsmotion by the greater amount?

4. In the absence of friction and other forces, if you exert a force, F, on a mass, m, the masswill accelerate. If you exert the same force on a mass of 2m, would you expect the resuingacceleration to be twice as large or half as large? Is this a direct or inverse relationship?Show this relationship mathematically.

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