1 In order to replicate all viruses bacteriophage and eukaryotic viruses require what type of cell


1 . In order to replicate, all viruses, bacteriophage, and eukaryotic viruses, require what type of cell

(or what state must the cell be in)? (one word answer

2 . Describe lysogenic (temperate, latent) cycle. Include the growth conditions causing prophage induction. Correctly use (at least) the following terms: prophage, lysogen, lysogenic bacteriophage, lysogenic bacterium, prophage induction (Do not need to describe the lytic portion — can state: Then bacteriophage enter lytic cycle

3 What event determines that a lysogenic bacteriophage will undergo lysogeny?

4 . Describe transduction as a means of horizontal gene transfer

i What happens to the donor?

ii How is donor DNA transferred to recipient?

iii What happens to the recipient?

5. What enzyme must a RNA virus (except retrovirus) produce that is required for its replication and what is the specific function of this enzyme?

6 Describe the muiplication cycle of HIV retrovirus. Include (+) and (-) strand, reverse transcriptase, latency, integration, provirus, and in what cell compartment [nucleus vs. cytoplasm] these events occur

| 1 –
Symikelic / Replicating cell .
2 .
The lyso genic bacteriophage
in corporate or infect the bacteria
by transmitting it’s DNA into The
bacterial cell . It’s the DNA enters
the_ bacterial cell…