1 Chinese civilization developed over numerous stages In fact in the pre dynastic phase the ancient Chinese


1. Chinese civilization developed over numerous stages. In fact, in the pre dynastic phase, the ancient Chinese

grew from small Paleolithic then Neolithic societies. Examine the evolution of early Chinese cuure. What major achievements did the Chinese make before they created their grand civilization? What role did the Shang have in transforming early Chinese cuure?

2. Who is Confucius and what impact did he have on early Chinese civilization? What was Legalism? Is Confucius similar to Buddha? Is Confucianism similar to Buddhism?

3. Hunters-Gatherers would be the term used for most Paleolithic societies? Which factors led to certain regions to become the homes of grand civilizations and other areas remain the region for Paleolithic societies?

4. Nilotic civilizations had important impacts on Western civilization, Middle Eastern civilization, and ancient African civilization. Examine which contributing factors made this occur?

5. Why did ancient Athens and Sparta emerge as major city states? What unique cuural features emerged that became the basis of Roman cuure and eventually western civilization?

6. What led to the rise, expansion, and eventual fall of the Roman Empire? Did Hellenism helped? Did Christianity hurt this civilization?

All questions must be answered in essay format and answered thoroughly. Thanks.

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