•Please choose one answer each and explain why if you can

Question 21



•Please choose one answer each and explain why if you can.

Question 21


within the marine environment have one of the following attributes in common

a) They are exclusively considered to be obligate parasites

b) They are easily recognised as they are reddish in colour, once they appear as a colony

c) They play a highly important ecological role within the food web

d) They typically all have 16SrRNA genes

e) They are muicellular microorganisms

Question 22

With regard to locomotion in protozoa, which statement is correct?

a) They are unicellular microorganisms and can’t move actively

b) They only move horizontally due to their specific locomotive structures that need to attach

c) They are exclusively oriented towards light sources

d) They are stimulated by prey movements, pH, O2 and light

e) They only move under anaerobic conditions